Vellardi is a family business, the values of our families are fully reflected in our corporate culture.We put a small piece of us in every single detail we produce. We hope that through our products, which for the most part are positioned to embellish a breathtaking view, our customers can seize a moment of wonder in front of this beautiful and fascinating world that surrounds us.

Vellardi was born in 1998 in Bassano del Grappa (VI), Italy as an artisan company, which produces optic machines for the panoramic observation with, or without, coin operating system. Today, with our deep satisfaction, we are present in the main touristic Italian towns. In the last few years we have opened to international markets, especially Europe. We collaborate with the most prestigious entities, which manage the immense artistic and cultural Italian heritage in the main arts towns. You can find our products installed on towers, bell towers, medieval walls, cathedrals, archaeological sites, squares, historical monuments, exhibition areas, medieval sites, villas, castles, areas viewpoint and scenic points.

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